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12-20 cm. Leafs might fall off during shipping, but will soon grow back.


Description: Uncarina roeoesliana is a deciduous tropical shrub to 2 m tall, and the plant develops a nice irregular caudex at the base. It has the smallest flowers of all the Uncarina species presently known and appears to be related to Uncarina decaryi and Uncarina grandidieri. The many flowers are yellow with green centres and are shaped like those of petunias.

Stem: Stout, that becomes thickened with age. Stems may ultimately attain a height of 2 meters.
Leaves: There are two very distinct leaf forms: entire (subcordate) or (3-)5-lobed and more or less incised. They are finely hairy, soft, velvety and sticky to the touch. The leaves are deciduous during the winter resting season.

Flowers: Bright yellow flowers with with a green throat.
Blooming season: Warmer months.

Fruit: The fruit (capsules) are approx 3.5-5 cm long, bizarre looking with small inwardly pointed sticky "horns" looking like small hooked harpoons. They stick to about anything, using miscoscopic hooks on the end of each "horn", so don't touch this fruit unless you want to spend some time trying to remove it from your fingers.


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Uncarina roeoesliana

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